Heat Pump Installation Victoria BC

Third generation heat pumps require expert installation in order to operate most effectively. At New Horizons we pride ourselves on our excellent equipment and installations. Our team of skilled and experienced installers will have your new heat pump installed and operating perfectly in less than a day and will also provide you with expert on-going service and advice for the life of your unit. Our annual service plan ensures that your heat pump will be serviced regularly which will ensure it's operation for many years. Our installation kits are comprehensive and include everything required including a paintable line set cover which keeps the refrigeration lines and power cord safe from pests, UV light, rain, etc. and improves the 'look' dramatically. When it comes to installing the condenser ( outside unit ) you will have a choice between a steel rack which will attach to an outside wall or a PVC resin ground base which is virtually indestructible and will last virtually forever.